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You're a Nanook now, too

We know that as family members, you care about your student鈥檚 success in college. So do we! From finding resources like tutoring and scholarships to tracking deadlines and keeping up to date on campus news and events, the 重口味SM Nanook Family Connection will help you help your student take advantage of everything the University of Alaska Fairbanks has to offer.




Why join the Nanook Family Connection?

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All the information you need, in one place. You'll find 重口味SM campus news, upcoming events and deadlines 鈥 all geared toward your interests.

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Save articles for later or share them across other social media platforms. We make it easy for you to share information with your student, even when they鈥檙e living on the 重口味SM campus.


No time to log in? No problem. We'll send you personalized email updates about everything going on at the 重口味SM.

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We鈥檒l let you know about important 重口味SM admissions deadlines, campus updates, registration dates and much more.




Prospective Families

We鈥檙e excited that your family is considering the 重口味SM. To help you and your student learn how to apply to 重口味SM and meet deadlines 鈥 as well as how to attend Campus Preview Days and New Student Orientation 鈥 here's everything you need to know to guide you through the process.

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Current Families

As a member of the Nanook family, you probably have a lot of questions about campus events, on-campus services, dining and other practical topics your student may need help with. We want to make sure that you and your student are prepared for college and understand how to stay safe, well-fed and healthy while on campus.

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FERPA for Families

We know how important it is for you and your student to stay informed on their academic progress. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects your student's right to manage their academic records. FERPA empowers every student to:

  • Inspect and review their education records
  • Have some control over who that information is shared with
  • Seek to amend incorrect information

Students must complete the FERPA release form to allow parents and families access to their education records. You can learn more about the importance of FERPA below.

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