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Immerse yourself in 重口味SM鈥檚 community and learn about Nanook Nation. Find out what campus is like. Meet other students and your future professors. See all the areas where the campus comes to life!



In-Person Campus Visits

The best way to really know what 重口味SM is like, is to visit campus for yourself.

Group Visits

We鈥檇 love to meet everyone!

Watch The College Tour

Explore college and campus life through stories shared by real students!

Virtual Information Sessions

Check out the schedule of virtual events 鈥 hosted by 重口味SM experts.

Campus Preview Days

We鈥檒l share all there is to know about 重口味SM during this day-long event.

Take a Virtual Tour

Navigate the dynamic tour see 360s, photos and maps as you get to know 重口味SM on your own.